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The Power of Choice

May 26, 2020
Posted By: Ron Porterfield, Health & Lifestyle Coach

Do you realize the power you have to direct positive changes in your life? There is a guiding agency within the mind, which exercises control over its operation. This agency is the will, and has been called by some the “governing power” in humans. It is the power of decision, or of choice. Most people fail to understand the force of the will, or that entire changes can be made in their life by the right exercise of the will.

The Rudder
To illustrate, think of the mammoth ocean liner Queen Elizabeth, which was in service from 1940 to 1967 and weighed-in at more than 85,000 tons. The rudder of this ship by comparison weighed a measly 65 tons, yet had a powerful function. Though the rudder of a ship does not propel it forward it does determine its direction. It is the same with the will. The decisions or choices we make in life will determine the direction in which we will go. Therefore, everything in your life depends on a right action of the will, the proper use of your “rudder” — your power of choice. Many people, for instance, would like to make some positive changes in their life such as, losing some weight, normalizing their blood pressure, reducing stress or achievement of a career goal, but become discouraged by past failures.  They remember their broken promises to themselves, and at best make only half-hearted new promises “to do” this, or “not to do” that.

Choices vs. Promises
What is lacking? It’s the power of the will — willpower. No — this is not an “I think I can, I think I can” type of mindset. Rather, what is being discussed here is your power to choose — the ability to make a decision. If you promise, for example, not to eat junk food, and fail to keep that promise you may become discouraged, and with a sense of abandonment decide to binge on the very habit you promised yourself to give up. If on the other hand you choose not to eat junk food, but end up one night eating junk food, you have not broken any promises. You simply made another choice, another decision, and at that point you picked up junk food and started eating it. This is why everything depends on a right exercise of your will — the power of choice. The will — the power of decision is like a muscle. The more you exercise it rightly, the stronger it becomes and the more it is reflected in your life. Of course the opposite is also true.

Choose Life
If there is anything that the COVID-19 has taught us it must be that we can no longer afford to be complacent concerning our health.  Hopefully we have learned from this sobering experience that we need to be more proactive regarding our health. The more you choose to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle habits the more wellness will be reflected in your life.

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