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Easing From Lockdown to Liberty

May 8, 2020
Posted By: Ron Porterfield, Health & Lifestyle Coach

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, much of the world has been on lockdown for the past couple months or longer. While new cases continue to appear, experts believe that the drastic measures taken have helped to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Meanwhile, global economies during the shutdown have taken a huge hit.

The United States, recently, was among a mass of countries tentatively easing out of coronavirus lockdowns to revive economies. Most researchers agree that reopening society will be a lengthy process, marked by trial and error. Megan Coffee, an infectious disease researcher at New York University says, “It’s going to have to be something that we’re going to have to take baby steps with.” Some health officials believe that reopening states too quickly could have a boomerang effect leading to a sharp increase of new coronavirus cases.

As we strive to find some sense of normalcy again, we may encounter people who conduct themselves with very little caution and seemingly little concern that the pandemic danger still exists. While it’s time for our country and the world to move beyond lockdown, doing so with prudence is of the upmost importance for the sake of all concerned. Coming out of lockdown may be tricky and could have grave consequences. But nevertheless, the time has come to reopen our country, and the world — to regain the freedom to work, to visit parks, attend worship services and much more. Here are some ideas for moving from lockdown to liberty:

Some people wear masks, some don’t. It has been shown that they do help to prevent the spread of contagion. Some companies have policies in place requiring their employees to wear masks. This is not only to protect their employees, but also the customers. If more people wore masks, the viral spread could be reduced even more. Again, masks are not only to protect the wearer, but also those who come in contact with them. Wearing a mask is an act of selflessness.

Some measures, which have been mentioned repeatedly by health officials during this crisis, have always been good practice, (even before this virus came about), and should continue long after. These practices include things like washing your hands often and keeping them away from your face, unless they have been cleaned. Frequently sanitizing objects such as keys, steering wheels, doorknobs, keyboards, and mobile phones is another good practice. And remember to cover those coughs and sneezes within the hinge of the arm.

Socially Conservative
This pandemic and the resulting lockdown, has left a lot of people feeling socially isolated. We are social creatures after all, and interacting with others is a part of the joy of life. As we look towards moving beyond “social distancing” and “sheltering in place”, it may still be helpful to consider being “socially conservative” for a while. We could look at it as gradually “tiptoeing” back into each other’s presence rather than throwing all caution to the wind. If you have to work or be in close proximity to others for extended periods of time, wearing a mask may be your next best option. When greeting someone, continuing the use of the elbow and fist bump may be a safer option to hugging and handshaking.

Have you ever been around someone at work who said, “don’t come near me, I’m coming down with something”? I’m sure we all have. Well, that should no longer be considered acceptable behavior.  The experts believe that this novel coronavirus will be around for a long time. Some believe it may be seasonal like the flu; however, this virus appears to be about two-and-a-half times more contagious than the flu. Bottom line — if you’re not feeling well, stay at home.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits
When our bodies are attacked by pathogens our immune system is in place to fight off these invaders to keep us healthy. In order to have a strong, well-functioning immune system, we must adopt and maintain certain habits that will strengthen not only our immunity but also our entire body. We’ve already mentioned several of these habits in previous posts, and will discuss them in more depth in upcoming posts. These healthy habits include eating plant-based nutrition, getting regular exercise, having proper rest, drinking plenty of water and avoiding toxins such as alcohol and tobacco products. A healthy immune system can be the difference between sickness or health, life or death.

Someone once said that freedom isn’t free, it comes with great responsibility.  This thought should ring true for all of us, especially now. A lot has happened since COVID -19 assaulted our planet. Globally people have died and economies have plunged. We are living in unprecedented times and the world has changed. Our national and global community may be easing out of lockdown, however, if we would have true liberty, we may want to consider that the way we live can affect others. True freedom involves living for higher principles that include caring not only for you but for others also. If in the end our world finally goes bankrupt, it will not be because of the coronavirus, but because of selfishness. Our world is calling for changed people. What are you willing to do differently?

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